Road To Pro Week 2


Welcome to Week 2 on the Road to Pro. Last week there were 537 of us. This week there are 540 of us! Impressive growth haha. Just got back from some time on the Big Island in Hawaii and had an amazing time! Now it’s time to get the tournament schedule lined up and get to work.

P.S. I had some issues with this email being marked as Spam last week. If you could mark my email as ‘Not Spam’ and whitelist it that would be very appreciated. If you know how I can prevent this in the future please reply to this email. Thank you 🙂

🧠Tip of the week🧠

11 months ago was my 1000th day of playing pickleball. I released a video then titled 10 ESSENTIAL Pickleball Tips I Learned From Playing 1000 Days’ You can watch the full video here (hit me up if you do thumbnails btw haha)

The Number 1 Tip from that video was about the see-saw effect! When defending, if your opponent’s paddles are high, yours should be low. And if your opponent’s paddles are low, yours should be high. Additionally your paddle should get higher as you go from the baseline to the kitchen. Watch the video for a full break-down.

💪This week’s training💪

I’m back in GA this week so the weather isn’t the best. A lot of my training this week will be gym time and indoors. I’m working on a video detailing my best tips for getting better at home. You should see that in the next week or two!

These are my goals

Here’s a reminder of the goals we’ve set.

Win a 5.0 singles gold medal

Qualify for a pro singles main draw

Win a pro singles main draw match

Make it to a pro singles quarterfinal

Medal in pro singles

📈We’re making progress📈

The first version of my website is live!


I’ve been taking Q/A requests through my Instagram. You can also reply to this email if you have a question Here is something a reader asked:

Got any tips for performing well in league play? I seem to cave under unnecessary perceived pressure I put on myself to prove that I belong in the group. How can I stop choking? I know it’s a mental game I just can’t get out of my own head.

Answer: A huge part of the start of my pickleball career was league play. I’m unsure of what type of league you’re in, rotating or steady partner. In either case I have two huge tips to help you on the mental side.

#1 – Be a gracious partner. Your partner will mess up a lot (and so will you). Always be gracious and understanding on the court. If you show your partner unwavering support, then they will likely do the same to you. Knowing your partner has your back always is an incredible way to relieve pressure

#2 – Focus on your shots, not your opponents. Sometimes our opponent’s hit balls that we can’t get to. That’s ok! It’s going to happen. I promise you if you only focus on hitting good serves, returns, drops, and dinks, then what your opponents are doing will not matter. When you start focusing on how great your opponent’s are playing, your own game will suffer.

🎥Content I’ve enjoyed🎥

Leaving this one blank this week! I’ve honestly not consumed any pickleball content this week. Thanks for reading!

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