Road To Pro Week 1


Welcome to Week 1 on the Road to Pro. This week, I’m thrilled to announce our first giveaway: a FREE paddle! Simply by being one of the initial 537 subscribers, you’re in the running. Your support means the world to me—thank you, truly.

These are my goals

There are five ambitious goals on this journey, and I’m committed to documenting every step—triumphs, setbacks, all of it. These goals are lofty, but we’ll tackle them bit by bit. I played football in college, not tennis, so there is A LOT of catching up to do. I’m aware the road ahead is steep but it’s going to make for a great story.

Win a 5.0 singles gold medal

Qualify for a pro singles main draw

Win a pro singles main draw match

Make it to a pro singles quarterfinal

Medal in pro singles

📈We’re making progress📈

The first step is figuring out our tournament schedule. I’ll keep you updated as this gets more refined. As of now my plan is to do 1 tournament a month.

💪This week’s training💪

I’m in Hawaii this week, so my training is a bit different. Being a pickleball content creator, I’m often busy recording and watching my play. Watching footage of myself playing helps me get better and will continue to be a big part of this journey.

🧠Tip of the week🧠

FINISH YOUR STROKES! I learned a lot from drilling with Zane a few months ago. One of the key things I took away from that session was to keep my eyes on the ball all the way through contact and not to pull out of the stroke until it’s complete. I still have to constantly remind myself of this, but it’s a simple yet impactful tip. We all become better pickleball players when we finish our strokes.

You can watch our full session here: 8 GAME CHANGING Pickleball Tips I Learned From A PRO


I’ve been taking Q/A requests through my Instagram. Here is something a reader asked:

I’m currently competing at the 4.0 level and i’m actively drilling and playing to improve my game. I’m interested in becoming affiliated with brands. how can i go about this?

Answer: Several paddle companies are willing to sponsor players based off their performance but that’s not a very reliable strategy. The main thing that most pickleball brands are looking for is simple. Sales. The main way that you can help a brand sell something is simple. Content. If you’re looking to become a sponsored player, the best and most reliable route I can think of is to produce engaging and value-driven content.

🎥Content I’ve enjoyed🎥

I recently launched a new pickleball channel with a friend! The channel is called ‘Cracked Pickleball’. Here’s a fun video you might enjoy.

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